When A Woman’s ♀ FED UP🙅… 😈😬😠:?:evil:😣😟:(😒:|

Some of these guys never gave a f*ck from day one, they are just users and abusers because their empty vessels lost with no direction and no true objective when engagin with a female companion outside of sex. Sometimes they don’t even know what it takes to have a relationship yet will knowingly put women through an emotional roller coaster why the hell should I trust that judgement again with anything!! Lol, sounds like a  narcissistic ass. I won’t be thinking about him and he can think about someone else to try to find himself in, no sweat on me and I don’t have any effec up mentality that cripples my love life everywhere I go like him. #winning Never ever take a woman for granted cause one day she will get tired and leave listen to R Kellys song when a woman’s fed up.



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